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At Tree Theory we are dedicated to providing great customer service with honor and integrity. We always incorporate the latest standards and practices in the industry and stay until the job is done right.   

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Tree Theory started out with two guys and their love for trees. We have since blossomed into a full-service tree care and consulting company. We offer a variety of services to help our customers maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our primary goal is to diagnose and treat your tree health issues. We consult with private homeowners as well as landscape professionals, HOA’s, and property managers throughout Arizona. 

Since most Arizona communities are man-made engineered landscapes it is important to understand that if not properly maintained they will turn back to dust and sand rather quickly. For this reason, we expanded our team of experts to help you make the best choices.

Our team

  • We have the leading Arborists in Arizona. Our team will assess the condition of your tree, shrub and all landscape components and make a diagnosis along with recommended treatments. 
  • Irrigation experts that will assess all irrigation and bring issues or recommendations to your attention along with the most cost-effective solutions. 
  • Landscape architects that can accommodate any design or re-design. 
  • Our fertilization/soil Amendments team will assess the nutrients in the soil and your trees water uptake and determine if treatment is needed (always strategizing with the other experts on the team). 


Tree Theory

Scottsdale, AZ


Tara Wendt

To  whom it may concern, As a Community Manager I have been so impressed with Tree Theory and  their Representatives.  Craig Weinstein, Roger Hartzog and Rick Cober were all very attentive  and always willing to be available for the Board of Directors from the  beginning of planning for our Landscape Audit and all through the  process of completion and after.  They were all exceptional at taking  the time to answer any questions or addressing any concerns the Board of  Directors, the residents or myself had. They were phenomenal to work with every step of the process. Tree Theory  far exceeded my expectations with taking care of any questions/issues  that came up very promptly.  I would highly recommend Tree Theory.


Tree Theory

Scottsdale, AZ 


 Jenifer Meyers
I have worked with Craig and Rick on several HOA projects and found them to be wonderful, knowledgeable, and helpful guys who truly want to help! Recently they provided me with a Deep Root Feeding for my personal trees, and I am amazed at the  growth and fruit production! Its like these trees came alive with the addition of this product! Thanks so much!!!

Tom F. 

Scottsdale, AZ 

1/29/2018   YELP Review      


The guys at Tree Theory are the best!  Rick and  Craig are not only extremely knowledgeable, but they also are very  patient and take their time explaining things that make sense.  These  guys are the real tree experts!  They know tree's and were very helpful  in diagnosing a problem  I had with my Pine Tree's.  Instead of advising  us to take drastic measures using chemicals and injections they advised  us to treat the problem from the roots up with a natural nourishment  for our trees.  Their advice was a life saver for my trees and my  property.  You can trust Tree Theory, the know their business and are very  fair!



Tree Theory

Scottsdale, AZ


David E

Tree Theory came out, diagnosed, and treated over 100 sick pine trees on our property. After a few weeks the trees really improved in appearance and health. Rick and Ryan are awesome.

Response from the owner

Thanks, Dave, we look forward to a long relationship. We enjoyed the opportunity to work with you at the Westbrook Village golf course and most importantly get those beautiful trees back in shape. Aleppo Pine Blight is no Joke.

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