Landscape Monitoring Program in Phoenix

Landscape Monitoring  Program

Tree Theory Landscape Monitoring provides the Association and management company a true third party expert technical oversight of the community’s most valuable asset; its landscape. 

Our knowledgeable and experienced team of arborists, horticulturists, environmental engineers, and irrigation specialists understand complex engineered landscape systems. The Landscape Monitoring program offers multiple benefits, including the following, among others:

  • Regular periodic monitoring of the entire landscaping resource, including soil, shrubs, trees, and irrigation systems.
  • Detect and identify issues before they can become  value-threatening problems by sampling and technically competent field diagnoses.
  • Report to the Board of Directors and Community Manager, offering status updates and recommended courses of action.
  • Relieve Community Managers of the burdensome and time-consuming task of landscape site inspections.
  • Coordinate with landscape contractors to help them stay on track and enhance the effectiveness of maintenance efforts. Landscape Monitoring in Phoenix