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Landscape Audit™

Our flagship service, a Tree Theory Landscape Audit™ examines your property’s landscape top to bottom; inside and out; high and low; above and beneath; past, present, and future. We review the original installation of the landscape and compare it to the current configuration in terms of numbers of plants, species diversity, and health. Irrigation systems are activated and evaluated for condition, coverage, and efficacy. The soil is examined for compatibility with the chosen plant palette, including essential nutrients, organic constituents, and physical condition. As well, the overall landscape design is assessed to determine the presence of, or potential for, conflicts among plant types and/or species, crown zone and root zone encroachment issues, and damage to nearby hardscape or structures. The current maintenance program and overall management strategy are evaluated to ascertain whether the landscape and any of its components are being applied with less than optimum proficiency. Finally, recommendations are developed that will improve the design, operation, and effectiveness of the landscape infrastructure in achieving its intended purpose.