Soil Management

Let us rejuvenate your soil. You will love the results!

Soil in Arizona has a lot of clay in it which in turn makes it very alkaline (soil PH above 7). Plants and trees need a PH below 7 to grow and thrive.  The clay in the soil makes it difficult for the water to penetrate which drives the PH levels up. This makes the soils low in nutrients and difficult to work with, requiring the addition of organic matter to assist the soil in holding water and nutrients. Don't worry that’s where we come in. We will transform your soil into an environment your trees and shrubs will thrive in. 

If you trees and shrubs have leaves that look like the photo it’s probably a pH issue.


Soil Management is not complicated. It’s all about working with nature, rejuvenating natural processes and supporting life in our soils. The science may be complex but the concept isn’t. It’s natural. It’s just the way things are supposed to work.

Tree Theory uses a combination of ingredients to address issues in the soil. All too often your soil is out of balance and causing problems with your landscape. The trick is to make you soil alive again.


There could be multiple reasons for your poor soil makeup:

Compacted Soil & Heavy Clay

This is a difficult soil type that is very common in hilly areas. The real reason heavy clay is so difficult for plants to grow is the extreme compaction that can occur. The soil particles are packed so close together that it doesn’t allow water and air to penetrate. 


Poor Water Penetration

This is a very common situation when water is not able to soak into the ground and instead runs off. The real reason water is running off the landscape or sitting and pooling without being able to soak in is the extreme soil compaction.  


Poor Underdeveloped Root Structure 

When you have issues on you landscape like compacted soil, pH imbalance, nutrient shortages it’s a guarantee that it will hamper the process of healthy root growth which make it impossible for you trees and shrubs to uptake the proper amounts of water and nutrients. Tree Theory has a system in place to redevelop the roots and make the soil come alive. We use a rooting hormone along with microbes called Mycorrhizae that attach to the roots of plants and extend out into the soil to grab water and nutrients and bring it back to the plant root.

Poor Growth

Slow growing or unhealthy plants usually results from an imbalance in the soil. Tree Theory will treat those problems in the soil and creates an environment where your landscape will thrive. Whether poor growth is  stemming from a pH imbalance, nutrient shortage, weak roots, heavy clay  or hard compacted soil we will corrects the soil to help your landscape  develop into a lush property to be marveled by you neighbors. 


Poor pH

pH is a measure of the relative acidity or alkalinity on a scale from 0  (more acidic) to 14 (more basic). Most plants prefer a pH near the middle at a pH of 7 or neutral. When the pH balance is thrown off, the health of your lawn can severely decline and it will really struggle to  stay healthy. We often can corrects pH imbalances within the soil and no  matter what the starting point, brings the pH back closer to neutral to  keep your lawn growing right.