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Irrigation Consultation & Efficiency Audit

Engineered landscape systems, just as natural systems, require reliable water sources to survive and yield their intended benefits. Natural landscapes evolve over eons to exist and complete their life cycles within the parameters of natural hydrologic regimes (rain frequency and amounts). However, engineered landscapes are by definition artificial assemblages of unnaturally associated plant species served by equally artificial hydrologic systems: irrigation. Irrigation systems are therefore mechanical surrogates for natural rainfall cycles. And because they are engineered, they must be carefully managed to reliably supply water frequency and amounts tolerable to the plants. It is not an easy task, particularly as the plant palette grows, matures, and ages. And this delicate systems management dance of supply and demand is further complicated by aging of the mechanical system itself.

As landscapes and irrigation systems age, many things change and require significant adjustment. Irrigation systems begin to exhibit component failure and degradation of efficiency, impacting plant health and increasing water costs. If left uncorrected, plant health and irrigation effectiveness will continue to deteriorate until the landscape asset loses its value to the community.

Tree Theory understands both the needs of the biological components of the landscape and the workings of irrigation systems. A Tree Theory Irrigation Audit examines and documents every aspect of the irrigation system:

  • Condition of components
  • Adequacy of timers, valves, and emitters
  • Emitter configuration in relation to plant distribution
  • Coverage efficiency; and,
  • Electronic timers and their programming schedules.

Finally, based on the results of the audit, recommendations are developed and presented to decision-makers for consideration and action. Improvement of system components and operational efficiency can result in tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings annually in water costs and unneeded plant replacements.

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Irrigation Audit to determine how efficient your system is running.

Irrigation Audit to determine how efficient your system is running.