Turnover New Construction Landscape Audit

Turning over responsibility for maintenance and management of landscape infrastructure from a subdivision developer to a homeowner association is an immensely important and worrisome event fraught with doubts and, in some cases, mistrust. This is to be expected, given the usual technical inexperience of those making what are irreversible decisions with little information. And the stakes are nosebleed high: often millions of dollars in asset value, commitment to decades of future management responsibility, and untold amounts of precious community funds that must be dedicated to maintenance. Poor quality plants, improperly installed shrubs and trees, proximity of trees to sidewalks and walls, and poorly designed or malfunctioning irrigation systems are all critically important issues. Merely hoping that all is in order and blindly accepting the landscape as-is without consulting qualified professionals falls short of the fiduciary duty of care for which HOA Boards are responsible. Tree Theory works with HOA Boards and developers to conduct an audit of landscape infrastructure before turnover or afterward during a warranty period. The potential for avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring that the landscape infrastructure is in order makes a Treeàge Turnover New Construction Landscape Audit a wise choice indeed.