New Home Buyer Landscape Management Plan

Every buyer of a newly constructed home is presented with warranty information and owner instruction manuals for every appliance and piece of equipment on the property, all of which are essential and contribute to the value of the property. However, the landscape infrastructure, an appurtenant element that may contribute 15% to 20% of the property’s value, is simply installed and turned over to the new owner with little or no explanation about how to properly maintain and manage it so that it retains its value and ensures continued desirability of the property. Landscaping maintenance companies or individuals who might afterward be asked to trim shrubs or perform other activities will be unaware of the configuration of the infrastructure and how it operates, the maintenance needs and health issues unique to each plant species, or soil condition issues found in the neighborhood. And importantly, they will more than likely be unconcerned with problems evident among the plants that may be due to improper maintenance. A Tree Theory New Home Buyer Landscape Management Plan in Phoenix includes an inventory of plants and their configuration as installed on the property, an irrigation system layout, and guidelines for future maintenance of the infrastructure to prevent loss due to nutrient or irrigation issues. By following recommendations in the Landscape Management Plan, the homeowner will always be confident in their maintenance actions and in the instructions given to any maintenance contractor servicing the property’s landscaping. A New Home Buyer Landscape Management Plan is the most thoughtful and enduring “thank you” gift a home builder can offer to their clients. This same service can be offered to resale buyers by their agents. What a wonderful gift that can be branded and presented to a buyer client, to be kept and referenced for as long as they own the home.