Municipal Parks Landscape Audit

City parks are designed and maintained and serve purposes very similar to private parks within communities managed by homeowner associations. A significant difference, however, is that public parks typically are used much more, sustain more abuse, and are less rigorously maintained. And significantly, public parks are normally not contributors to private residential property values. Nevertheless, the landscape infrastructure, both biological and mechanical components, are for the most part identical to that in HOA communities, and therefore the design and operational issues associated with engineered landscape infrastructure described elsewhere on this site also occur on these public properties. Tree Theory offers our signature Landscape Audit™ that includes in-depth evaluations of the original design and configuration, apparent plant diversity, soil condition, plant health of both shrubs and trees, irrigation system efficacy, and effectiveness of the current maintenance regime. The audit report provides detailed assessments of the infrastructure system as a whole, as well as information about operational issues of concern regarding any or all of the various system components.