Smartphone Photo & Text message session with a Certified Arborist!


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 Let us diagnose your trees health using your smartphone.  Why pay over $120 for an Arborist consultation, wait around for an  appointment or even take time off from work. We make it simple. If we  can’t make a diagnosis we will refund you that day. Simply click on the  (Buy it Now) button above to receive a Text message session with a  Certified Arborist in Phoenix.    


Please  make sure to provide your phone number and email address when checking  out. Our ISA Certified Arborist (WE-3474A) will then get in touch with  you at the phone number you provided.   


  • Trunk as it comes out of ground
  • Close up of leaves and any discoloration
  • Photograph any problem area
  • Insects on tree if any
  • The more photos the better
  • Clear description of problem
  • We will ask you questions if we don't have enough information
  • Arborist Consultation in Phoenix and surrounding areas