Resale Landscape Audit

The last thing a buyer wishes to do is purchase a property with a troublesome and potentially expensive problem that could have been avoided or corrected prior to completing the transaction. And the last thing a real estate agent wishes to do is unknowingly facilitate such a transaction. Home inspectors identify and report on problems or issues of concern with the home, fixtures, and certain appurtenant elements. However, the property’s landscape infrastructure is normally overlooked and subject of a disclaimer in the inspector’s report. The Appraisal Institute states that 15% to 20% of a property’s value can depend upon the landscape, a fact that property buyers and their agents ignore at significant risk. Tree Theory offers audits of residential property landscape to address a variety of issues that can impact a buyer’s decision to purchase a property, as well as future costs of ownership. These may include plant quality and health, configuration of the installation, problematic proximity of trees to structures, soil problems, irrigation system function and efficacy, hardscape quality and condition, concerns related to neighboring property landscape, etc. A Tree Theory Resale Landscape Audit is truly a “no brainer” for every buyer and their agent who wish to ensure that the entire property is desirable.

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