Mulch Ground Cover

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Who we supply to?

Tree Theory now provides mulch products to HOA communities, landscape contractors, golf courses, farms and municipalities throughout Arizona. Choosing the right mulch for your property is key to the long-term sustainability of your landscape.  

What is the Purpose of Mulch?

Mulching is one of the most beneficial natural products you can use to better the trees in their landscape. Mulch, when placed over the soil's surface, helps to maintain moisture and improve soil conditions. However, improper mulching techniques can lead to a negative impact on the health of a tree.  

Benefits of Proper Mulching:

  • Helps to reduce soil moisture loss caused by evaporation.
  • Helps to prevent weed germination and growth.
  • Protects the soil, insulating the roots from extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Can improve soil aeration, biology, drainage, and structure (soil particle aggregation) over time.
  • Can improve the soil's fertility as the mulch decomposes.
  • Reduces the likelihood of tree damage caused by lawn mowers and weed whackers.
  • Inhibits certain plant diseases.
  • Gives plant beds a consistent, well-maintained look.

In a natural forest environment, tree roots are anchored in rich, aerated soils full of soil microorganisms and essential nutrients. The soil is blanketed by organic materials, leaves, and living organisms that recycle and replenish nutrients. This environment is optimal for mineral uptake and root growth. New developments and urban landscapes, however, are typically harsh environments with a reduced organic matter, low-quality soils, and large fluctuations in moisture and soil temperature. Applying 2- to 4-inches of organic mulch can emulate a more natural environment and improve plant and tree health.  

Mulch Quality

Our raw mulch materials come directly as a recycled by-product delivered to us by local landscape companies. It is made up of 100% green waste.  Dumping is closely monitored to assure our customers the highest quality product available (Analysis coming soon).