Third party independent Landscape Audit

Have you ever wondered if your landscape provider is carrying out all of the obligations they are contracted to do? Are they maintaining the builder’s original vision for the complex? Are they discovering and alerting you to problem areas or issues that are likely to arise if not maintained properly? Most of us get caught up in the day to day operations of the community and forget we should be looking at the future 5, 10, or even 20 years from now. Did I do everything correctly to manage the property and ensure it will be the appreciating asset homeowners are expecting it to be? Are the trees spaced correctly? Do they have room to grow and flourish, or might we expect a high mortality rate? Is the right tree planted in the right spot? In other words, did you plant a Dalbergia Sissoo Tree (Indian Rosewood) too close to a wall, driveway or sidewalk and wonder why the root system is breaking up anything in its path (including homeowners’ private walls)? Is your irrigation system up to date and adequately covering all of the grounds? Is it optimized to save you the most money possible? Are triangles of visibility and lines of sight challenging issues for drivers and pedestrians and potential liabilities for the community?


The questions and concerns seem limitless. This is exactly why you need Tree Theory to perform a third party independent Landscape Audit. There’s simply no better way to reassure the community that you are looking out for their best interests.


As we all know, Arizona especially Phoenix is made up of designed and engineered residential developments. From shopping malls to parks, industrial parks and residential communities, everything is man-made. And because of that, it takes a small army to maintain their original envisioned beauty and value.


The Tree Theory Landscape Audit™ is a tool that provides our clients a framework for decision-making, prioritization, and resource allocation to properly manage landscape infrastructure. Knowledge of the design, installation and configuration, and condition of all elements of a property’s landscaping are indispensable to managers and decision-makers.

 Tree Theory offers a range of high quality professional services to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients. Whether Community Managers, HOA’s, Realtors, property managers, or home buyers or sellers, the Tree Theory multi-disciplined team of professionals has the technical knowledge and experience required to address the complexities of landscape asset management. 


Other Available Services 



Team Tree Theory looks at the builder’s original vision. We go through the contract between the HOA community and their landscape contractors to structure a plan for not only today, but also the future of the community. Our irrigation specialist will evaluate your irrigation system and all of its components, as well as the cost to irrigate the landscaping. We often uncover significant monthly savings in conjunction with the irrigation audit. How deep we explore is up to you. We can get as in-depth as you would like. Our arborist and landscape architect will carefully examine your horticulture and determine if industry accepted SLM (Sustainable Landscape Management) principles are being applied These are simply standards for water-saving and plant appropriate landscape care in the desert southwest. This method allows for proper planning for your trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds today, and it will guide you through the years promoting value appreciation and healthy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing grounds.


Who does What?

 ISA Certified Arborist

  • Conduct a review of the general health & condition of existing trees  
  • Evaluate pruning techniques & make recommendations for tree care
  • Pest and Disease treatment recommendations
  • Evaluate turf management practices 
  • Plant health care and weed control
  • Complete Soil, Plant and Water testing

Irrigation Specialist

  • General condition of systems, Water usage
  • Evaluate irrigation controllers and scheduling
  • Evaluate turf sprinklers and drip irrigation
  • List issues needed to be addressed Water cost study 
  • Third party independent Landscape Audit in Phoenix

Landscape Architect

  • Evaluate risk to hardscape features 
  • Examine landscape aesthetics and offer suggestions for improvement 
  • Evaluate signage, sidewalks, curbing, walls etc
  • Evaluate lines of visibility throughout community
  • List issues that need to be addressed

Repair you broken sprinkler heads and save your community big money!

Repair you broken sprinkler heads and save your community big money!