HOA Landscape Compliance Audit

This is a standalone service designed to aid Homeowner Associations in fulfilling their responsibilities to protect the value of the property and ensure its desirability by properly and fully administering the community’s private lot landscape standards and restrictions. Tree Theory compiles and carefully reviews all relevant CC&R restrictions, Design Guidelines, Rules and Regulations, and Board resolutions and policy statements, then verifies the Board’s position with regard to application and enforcement. This information is also confirmed with the Association’s management company. Detailed inspection of the private lots is then performed to determine whether any of the restrictions and standards are widely overlooked and may be affecting the value of the property and its desirability. The analysis may also include recommended revisions to the restrictions or standards in order to enhance the appearance and quality of landscaping on private lots. Finally, the report may recommend additions to Design Guidelines, such as including certain plant species on a “prohibited plant list,” offering plant installation guidelines meant to prevent future encroachment issues, and suggested trimming standards to promote improved appearance and sustainability based on plant life cycles.


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