Trees play an important role on golf courses!

"Happy Roots make Happy Shoots"

Trees are a significant component of all Arizona golf course landscapes. A single, well established healthy tree could have a value of $75,000 or more. That's just one tree!  How much could all of those trees on your course be worth ? Well, our guess would be well into the MILLIONS.  Knowing the value of your landscaping to enhance your turf, we are sure you would like to take a different approach to tree and landscape maintenance. At the very least, you would want to take care of the trees that are in direct play with each hole. Any loss of those critical trees could alter the architectural vision of the course.    

With the assistance of Tree Theory, we will come to your golf course to evaluate and take a detailed inventory of all of your trees along with your important landscape areas. We have experienced and Skilled Tree Specialists who have spent their lifetime careers caring for the desert environments. Our interest in making your golf course the “best that it can be” is our goal while protecting the economic interests of the Ownership of the course.  In coordination with our Experts, we will review your needs while making recommendations on your trees that need a management plan in order to endure the dry arid climate of Arizona. We are familiar with the needs of your landscape, what they require, and how to make recommendations within your budget guidelines to improve your course to compliment your excellent turf conditions.   

Let us come out to your course today to provide an evaluation of your facility, make recommendation, and to give a free no-cost estimate of services. We specifically tailor our recommendation for your facility which is unique to the property, desires of the Ownership, and of course, your budget. We are here to assist you. 

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Our golf representative for Arizona and the Phoenix golf market is

Doug Long 

Cell 713-303-4884

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Common Tree Issues in Arizona

Ash Decline


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Verticillium Wilt


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Aleppo Pine Blight

Allepo Pine Blight



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High pH and Salt Issues


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Date Palm


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DroneWorks helping us monitor the improvement to trees at a local golf club after our invigoration treatment.